Product Description

  • Promote your business or organization with our customizable exercise bands! Also ideal for NGO and Government health & fitness promotion programs. 
    • Fully customizable bands in terms of color, dimensions and resistance in addition to logo/information printing.

    • Hundreds of color options available by Pantone Color. To look at the Pantone color chart, click here. For more information about Pantone, click here

    • Have existing bands or publication with the color you specifically want? Sent us a sample and we can professionally match it up to 99% accuracy via the Pantone Color Matching System.

    • Individually packed and ready for handing out; or available in rolls if preferred.

    • Professional-grade exercise bands perfect for personal use in stretching, toning, body sculpting, resistance & strength training,  physiotherapy and even for pointe work in ballet.

    • Specially formulated for high durability and for high performance.

    • Extremely lightweight and portable, great for travel! 

    • Product ingredients: Thermoplastic elastomer

    • Made in Malaysia

    Product Care:

    • Keep out of direct sunlight and heat.

    • Keep away from sharp objects. Do not use If the product has been nicked or has a tear.

    • Wipe away any sweat stains from band and powder lightly with talcum powder if needed to prevent sticking.

    • Product not compatible with edible/inedible oil and grease. 


    Customizable Non-Latex Exercise Bands

    PANTONE color chart found here.

    How to choose band resistances: click here.

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