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Gumby & Pokey

Growing up, I always had toys. Specifically rubber toys -- Rubber balls, balloons, bendable & posable rubber figures (see Gumby and Pokey above). You see, my dad, a rubber technologist, "did nothing but tinkered with (rubber) toys at his desk all day long" and he would bring some home. Actually he worked at a rubber corporation at that time and part of his job WAS to figure out how to produce them more efficiently, better, last longer so on and so forth.

Fast forward to present time. As a Pilates enthusiast, I used many latex resistance bands and found that they did not last very long. The durability and long-lasting quality were not found as promised in any of the bands. Bands would tear, snap, become sticky in a very short period of time and ultimately became useless.

Frustrated, I talked with my dad and after long discussions, The Elastic Boutique was born. As a start, we focused on flat latex resistance bands. My dad became mentor and advisor to ensure every step of the manufacturing process was followed. He ever helped refined the process, and ensured that no shortcuts were taken that would compromise quality.

I am very proud of our products, especially our latex exercise bands. Should there be a cut/nick unknown to the end user, our latex bands are specially formulated to resist instant snapping when stretched -- preventing injuries.  The unique formulation slows down the progression of the tear so that user may notice it while in use and stop immediately. This formulation is translated to our latex loop band which is constructed of multiple laminates and layering of the same material, hence the above mentioned advantage is amplified further!

Looking for quality exercise bands? Look no further! 


           The Elastic Boutique


About Our Products

All out products are made in Malaysia. Our latex products are manufactured from the highest grade of latex (or liquid rubber) concentrated following the ISO/EN9001 Quality System. Our non-latex products are made from specially selected thermoplastic elastomer that closely mimics the elasticity and stretch of its natural latex counterparts, unlike the many currently available in the market that could hardly be stretched beyond a small extension before stiffening up.


Ethical Manufacturing

Malaysia has a strict labor law that protects all workers, especially children against exploitation. After numerous visits, we are proud to have determined that our manufacturing partner in Malaysia adheres to these strict standards and provides their staff and workers with clean and healthy working conditions with mandatory use of safety gear/equipment at all stations. All workers are compensated properly with allocated breaks and paid time off as required by local law. Also, a large expenditure is undertaken to ensure the safe and proper disposal of chemical byproducts as well as treatment/disposal of effluent generated therefrom, according to local law. This expense does affect our prices, however we strongly believe that each aspect in the creation of our products should be safe and environmentally friendly.