September is National Yoga Month September 01 2014, 0 Comments

Time to amp up your yoga moves with resistance bands!  In yoga, they can help to:

Minimize warm up time

Resistance bands are also a great tool for pre-Yoga stretching or aiding yourself during particular Yoga poses that  require intense flexibility.

Increase flexibility levels and enhance range of motion

One of the key elements to successful Yoga is flexibility. Flexibility is a major component when it comes to avoiding injury when doing Yoga. Resistance bands are a great way to increase your level of flexibility and enhance your range of motion in your Yoga routine.

Intensifies your Yoga workout/poses so you're getting a lot more out of your Yoga routine:

Add an arm workout with resistance bands while in a tree pose, or add an upper body workout to your warrior pose. Resistance bands offer a lot of flexibility such that you could effectively get a lot more from your Yoga routine. Our bands can be used in sitting and upright positions, so no matter the difficulty of the pose you can improve your balance and muscle firmness, along with your flexibility. Consistent use of our resistance bands will take your Yoga to a whole new level! 

For examples on using resistance bands with Yoga check out: